MAMERN VII, University Mohammed First
May 17-20, 2017
Oujda, Morocco

May 17-20, 2017
University Mohammed First
Oujda, Morocco


  • Execursion to Beni-Snassen Mountains and Saidia City:

    • On Saturday, May 20th, in the afternoon an excursion to Beni-Snassen Mountains and Saidia City will be organized. It will include a guided tour around the Mountains and the City, transport in air-conditioned buses and coffee break. The cost of the excursion is 40 euros per person.
  • Excursion program:

    • 14:00 departure from the place of the Conference
    • 14:45-15:45 guided tour around the Beni-Snassen Mountains
    • 16:15 arrival to Saidia City (Mediterranean Sea)
    • 16:15-17:15 coffee break
    • 17:30-19:00 guided tour around Saidia City
    • 19:00 going back to Oujda City

    We kindly ask the participants interested in the excursion to send a confirmation email to by April 20. The excursion fees could be paid together with the Conference registration fees or separately in cash during the Conference.
  • Beni-Snassen Mountains:

    • The magnificent Beni-Snassen Mountains are located west of the city of Oujda and south of Berkane. They are one of five sites in north-eastern Morocco to have been identified as study sites of biological and ecological interest (SIBE). It was in the Beni-Snassen Mountains that what is believed to be the oldest human skeleton in North Africa was found.

    • Vsitors could explore the "Grotte des Pigeons", where the early stone-age skeletal remains were discovered. The next stop could be the "Grotte du Chameau", which features interesting stalactite/stalagmite formations, with one bearing a strong resemblance to a camel.

  • The splendour of the Mediterranean:

    • The blue pearl of Morocco, Saidia, is in the process of modernising so that you will soon be able to take advantage of the turquoise Mediterranean, its 14-km beach and splendid surrounding countryside..