MAMERN VII, University Mohammed First
May 17-20, 2017
Oujda, Morocco

May 17-20, 2017
University Mohammed First
Oujda, Morocco


  • The scope of the Conference includes, but it is not limited to
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    • Approximation and modeling applied to environment sciences and natural resources
    • New applications and developments in approximation methods
    • Mathematics and computation in geosciences
    • Modeling of ecosystems
    • Oceanographic and coastal engineering
    • Numerical modeling of flow and transport in porous media
    • Mathematical analysis of models in porous media
    • Multi-Scale Modeling of Flow and Transport in Porous Media
    • Statistical modeling in geosciences. Uncertainty quantification
    • Stochastic partial differential equations


The following are among its goals.

    • Gather the researchers interested on the fields of approximation, numerical modelling and their applications in the environment sciences and natural resources.
    • Reinforce the scientific interchange between researches from different countries, with special emphasis on the Mediterranean basin and neighbourhood.
    • Encourage young researchers to present the results of their scientific works. Promote the scientific research in the field of mathematics applied to environment sciences and natural resources.
    • Enhance the fluidity of scientific interchange between university competences and socio-economic operators.
    • Help new international research projects to arise by facilitating contacts between tentative partners.


    • University Mohammed First of Oujda and CNRST, Morocco
    • University of Granada, Spain
    • University of Pau and CNRS, France